12 Hour DWI Education  

15 Hour Drug Offender Education 

32 Hour DWI Intervention Education

We match prices for all classes in the same city

At CROSSROADS we promise to give you up-to-date information regarding drug/alcohol use & abuse that has become epidemic in our community.  Here at CROSSROADS WE DO EDUCATION ONLY You will feel confident that you are receiving a focused instructor whose only concern is educating the community on the adverse effects of drug and alcohol use, abuse, dependency, and addiction and the impact that it has on our community and families. Our instructors are all degreed professionals in multiple areas such as paralegal, counseling, and criminal justice. We are confident that we can answer any questions you might have concerning what you have gone through and to make sure you get referred to the right professionals concerning your individual situation. 
Here at CROSSROADS our instructors personally understand what you are going through or have gone through in your drug/alcohol use. We are dedicated to getting our community back on track!  

These courses satisfy all county probation, parole and courts. Call (972)542-0919 to reserve your seat.

We match prices for all classes in the same city​​.

Sherman Repeat DWI-II
                   Begin Date: December 11th 2021
            End Date:    February 19th 2022 

            Meets Saturdays 1:00pm-4:00pm

           Cost 250.00 2 SEATS LEFT

                 Thomas:  888-542-0919 

Denton Repeat DWI-II
   Begin Date: March 6th 2022
   End Date: May 1st 2022 

  Meets Saturdays 2:00pm-5:00pm

  Cost 275.00  
Matt: 262-434-0076 

Please call office for more information.  

Thomas Carroll BBA, AAS, AAS/Office Manager